Quina Fried Rice

make fried rice as you normally would, just substitute the rice with quinoa. healthy and yummy "take-out" style food


Birthday Dog

rocky is 14 today but i think he's still so puppy-like. i fantasize that he's just going to stay old like this and never die... 



my new favorite game is little big planet. it's like super mario brothers on acid. and just discovered the online community section where people uploaded courses that they designed.


More on 8

it's interesting how many ways one can use a technology-- in this case, the google map. i wonder if this is someone entering in all the info one-by-one, or a written program that pulls info from public records. EightMaps.com

i think it's important to make political contributions public and open info. and i think people should be proud of their political stance on any sides of any issue, and not hide behind. but i hope no one gets terribly harassed from info like these.