Crazy Neighbor

yesterday about 6pm my neighbor the cranky crazy guy decided that he needed camp fire in his small, junkfilled backyard. i mean, in the middle of all this socal fire!?!?! WTF!! other neighbors saw the smoke and all ran up to our house to see what's going on and realized it was cranky crazy guy. so bibs decided he had to say something then leaned over the fence and asked, "what would possess you to start a fire! you need to put that out right now!" so the crazy mumbled something then started to put it out, and all this with his back to us.


"OK In Moderation"

i've been creeped out by corn syrup for a while now. it's like, if it's like sugar, why not use real sugar? then i realized it's probably easier and cheaper to store and transport tubs of syrup than real sugar (temperature and moisture control). and there's so much corn around they just want to do something with it. also, you can use cheap ingredients (watered out, artificial or "made from concentrate") then thicken it with the syrup.

so there's been these corn syrup ads on tv saying nothing's wrong with it, but it ends with, "...and it's OK in moderation." i think now i'm way more creeped out by it. like, what's that? how often and how much and what happens if you go over?!


Best Fried Chicken

went to parents house for dinner sunday. dad made fried chicken. yum. it's hands down the best fried chicken i've had anywhere.