Busy Bee

april is a good month for me. spring is coming. and i'm working now more than ever. all started with a 10-page feature for h in studio on saturday. then fly sunday to miami to do more p covers on monday. fly out tuesday to nyc for 5-day adv shoot for w. then fly to l.a. to finish w with 8-day shoot. and right after that i start another ad shoot with s. just love my new agency. and all this with the same portfolio that was sitting unseen for 2 years...

so renting a studio apt on 53rd and b'way. found from craigslist. actually i've had pretty good luck with that. very cute place. just wish i'm in . nothing to do/eat in hells kitchen. but it's a 20min walk from the studio where we're shooting so it's nice. i wish zabar's is a block away tho.