Floor Moulding on Stairs

bibs drew these options... i had no preference. is there a rule for the molding on the stairs?


Good Friday Indeed

so the inspector came back to inspect the gas valve thing and signed off on the house! bibs and i are going to rethink this whole stairs area since the post-inspection construction starts monday am... should we do a pigeon corner on the stairs and risk falling and sliding down and breaking our backs even though it looks much cuter with that turned step? if we don't do that and keep a regular square landing, how do we deal with the overlap on the wall?


Final Inspection

all done! for now... hey looks a lot like my mockups right? 

final inspection was today, and we didn't pass :( everything inside the house and bath passed, they want us to put a seismic valve on the gas meter thing. very easy fix. and when they come back to sign off next week, they don't have to come inside the house!

...now for the "post-inspection-phase"...


Family Day

my sister and her baby-v are in town this week. today we took an afternoon trip to the huntington library! a very nice treat for middle of the week. perfect weather and timing and not crowded. all the flowers (minus the roses) are in full bloom! but, mainly we wanted to see the new chinese garden, which is huge and gorgeous. i didnt know they have 3 more sections to do (to represent a total of 4 seasons). and of course we had to stop by the gallery and introduce baby-v to pinky and blue boy...