Holiday Cards

ok, so i found out that the letterpress studio i've been using have been selling the custom cards i've designed and printed with them. i feel kinda honored, but mostly annoyed. 300 cards for $1,400? i should take a cut of each sale, no?
due to budget cuts, this year we are just doing prêt-à-porter letterpressed cards from jonathan wright. they have some dark, gothic-y but upscale and high quality ones.



very easy database to enter by name, city or zip. and you too can find out who the H8TRS are in your area!


Crazy Neighbor

yesterday about 6pm my neighbor the cranky crazy guy decided that he needed camp fire in his small, junkfilled backyard. i mean, in the middle of all this socal fire!?!?! WTF!! other neighbors saw the smoke and all ran up to our house to see what's going on and realized it was cranky crazy guy. so bibs decided he had to say something then leaned over the fence and asked, "what would possess you to start a fire! you need to put that out right now!" so the crazy mumbled something then started to put it out, and all this with his back to us.


"OK In Moderation"

i've been creeped out by corn syrup for a while now. it's like, if it's like sugar, why not use real sugar? then i realized it's probably easier and cheaper to store and transport tubs of syrup than real sugar (temperature and moisture control). and there's so much corn around they just want to do something with it. also, you can use cheap ingredients (watered out, artificial or "made from concentrate") then thicken it with the syrup.

so there's been these corn syrup ads on tv saying nothing's wrong with it, but it ends with, "...and it's OK in moderation." i think now i'm way more creeped out by it. like, what's that? how often and how much and what happens if you go over?!


Best Fried Chicken

went to parents house for dinner sunday. dad made fried chicken. yum. it's hands down the best fried chicken i've had anywhere.


14 Years!

bibs and i celebrated our 14th year anniversary with our traditional gourmet anniversary dinner of salisbury hamburger helper, buttered canned green beans, and iceberg salad with shaved carrots and wishbone french dressing... and followed up with slice of decadent supermarket chocolate cake.


Beef And Broccoli

i made beef and broccoli stir fry last night. it was yum, but didn't taste chinese-y enough like when my dad's cooking... just tasted like beef and broccoli with soy sauce, even though i had garlic, ginger (power, i forgot to pick up some fresh ones), soy sauce, rice vinegar, corn starch and even michu! hmmm... i wonder what that secret ingredient is...



this is fun... you name in ikea language.


Where's Waldo

i was talking to d at my agency about the giant bean in that chicago park. and i sent her my pic taken from under and told her to look for me. and she did! isn't she funny?


Bus In The Box

we were on our way to our parents house and right at the freeway exit... how did it get there from the opposite side of the street with an island in the middle of the divide?


June 20, 2008

bibs and i got married! we went to sf city hall and it went perfectly. they even have string quartets playing in the building... my sister and her hubby and baby were there as witnesses. my brother flew in with his gf... btw, it was baby v's first wedding!-- and a gay wedding at that!

i dont care what anyone says about domestic partnership, it's just not the same as marriage. i think there are about 2,000 rights to married couples that domestic partners dont have yet.


Busy Bee

april is a good month for me. spring is coming. and i'm working now more than ever. all started with a 10-page feature for h in studio on saturday. then fly sunday to miami to do more p covers on monday. fly out tuesday to nyc for 5-day adv shoot for w. then fly to l.a. to finish w with 8-day shoot. and right after that i start another ad shoot with s. just love my new agency. and all this with the same portfolio that was sitting unseen for 2 years...

so renting a studio apt on 53rd and b'way. found from craigslist. actually i've had pretty good luck with that. very cute place. just wish i'm in . nothing to do/eat in hells kitchen. but it's a 20min walk from the studio where we're shooting so it's nice. i wish zabar's is a block away tho. 


Floor Moulding on Stairs

bibs drew these options... i had no preference. is there a rule for the molding on the stairs?


Good Friday Indeed

so the inspector came back to inspect the gas valve thing and signed off on the house! bibs and i are going to rethink this whole stairs area since the post-inspection construction starts monday am... should we do a pigeon corner on the stairs and risk falling and sliding down and breaking our backs even though it looks much cuter with that turned step? if we don't do that and keep a regular square landing, how do we deal with the overlap on the wall?


Final Inspection

all done! for now... hey looks a lot like my mockups right? 

final inspection was today, and we didn't pass :( everything inside the house and bath passed, they want us to put a seismic valve on the gas meter thing. very easy fix. and when they come back to sign off next week, they don't have to come inside the house!

...now for the "post-inspection-phase"...


Family Day

my sister and her baby-v are in town this week. today we took an afternoon trip to the huntington library! a very nice treat for middle of the week. perfect weather and timing and not crowded. all the flowers (minus the roses) are in full bloom! but, mainly we wanted to see the new chinese garden, which is huge and gorgeous. i didnt know they have 3 more sections to do (to represent a total of 4 seasons). and of course we had to stop by the gallery and introduce baby-v to pinky and blue boy...



i'm craving some nyc pizza right now... mmmm... 


Wii Visits

i just entered my cousin's wii number, and waiting for them to enter ours. soon we'll be all visiting each other thru our wiis! anybody else want to visit me? email mii.

as for the games, here is my list of have-to-gets:
 • super smash bros. brawl
 • bully scholarship edition
 • wii fit with balance board
 • metroid prime 3: corruption the 
 • legend of zelda: twilight princess (i'm a bit hesitant about this one because i'll probably get too involved and not work or sleep for days and weeks. i'm just a good person i can't help it... sacrificing my own real life for the good of zelda and her people...)


Flipping Thru Consumer Reports...

so i got the march issue of consumer reports. it's a great issue with lots of interesting info. ratings from house paint (dunn edwards didn't do so well. sticking to behr), vacuums (dyson didn't do so well, but i'm still sticking to it), and flatscreen tv's (my next big purchase, which is why i bought this issue). but here are some interesting facts: 
• between a 1-1/4lb lobster and a serving of mcdonald's "fruit 'n yogurt parfait", lobster has 1 g of fat vs. the yogurt with 2 g.  
• chicken of the sea's "premium wild caught alaskan pink salmon" was indeed caught in alaskan waters, but fine print reveals that it was then sent to thailand for processing and packaging and returned to u.s. 
• verizon's fiber optics FiOS is rated the best digital tv service compared to satellite and cable. what is fiber optics?
• between a starbucks grande tazo green tea frappuccino with whip and a venti starbucks nonfat hot chocolate no whip, the frap has 3g of fat and the hot chocolate has 14g!



okay so since we got a lil behind schedule, bibs wrote up a calendar with edurado and here it is. hopefully it'll put us back on schedule to move back home. so far. the first week looks good.

...crapola-- bibs said the ikea dressers i want to use for the hallway is 1" deeper than the 29" deep space. hmmm... it would've been so perfect at $179/dresser... 
••CORRECTION•• just found out bibs used the wrong measurement of the dresser for the depth. he used the 30" height instead of the 19" depth. so very happy it's going to work out perfectly since the space is 29" deep!!!


Photoshop Magic

some photoshopped images of how i envisioned our remodeling... it really helps me select materials and finished because i'm not so trained and experienced like a pro decorator. ...let's see how it looks at the end of it. 



working on my self promo mailer. going thru a "i hate all my pictures" phase of the production. hopefully this time it doesn't last long because i'm updating my portfolios as well and we really need to get this done and out.


tiles done

remember the tiles we wanted to use? here is what it looks like after instillation. now we're just waiting for the marble to go on top... waiting and waiting... and waiting...

will post more pics of rest of master suite later this week...



went to photoLA with bibs. either the show was very uninspiring and boring, or i'm totally jaded. bibs thinks it's both.