Color Inspiration

very inspiring color palette from dries. wonder how it'll inspire me... maybe use in my pictures, or my house.

New Hobby... Kinda

okay i totally want to start handwriting everything after my shoot with ms-- i'm looking to purchase a fountain pen! people are typing so much these days that seeing something handwritten is so precious. i don't even want to write properly perfect and everything. i want it to be freeform and lovely. i researching and seeking advice on picking a pen.


Cake For Holiday Season

when i first saw this i though it's a joke. has anyone made this? is she insane? the cake is decorated with canned apple pie filling, huge cheap candles, and... CORN NUTS?

Kwanzaa Cake



have a shoot for ms on wed. crossing my fingers we'll have gorgeous weather. it's going to be up in tarrytown. weather peeps keep saying it's going to rain :(

going to see the rep after her london trip tomorrow. i hope she has good feedbacks.

damnit i'm getting into that horrible insomnia pattern!!



this happened a while ago, but forgot to post. we finalized our tile choice for the bathroom. isn't that gorgeous? it's totally different from what we initially envisioned-- the grey mix mosaic glass tiles isn't dark enough, and they no longer do custom mixes), but i love this much more.

it's like, wow!, this must be one of those "life lessons" things, you know, if one door closes, another one opens up... or maybe it's not that deep.

now what are we going to do with the floor??!? do we go darker or lighter than this?

Good Day

today was a good day.

woke up at 8am and got my favorite breakfast- 2 fried eggs with bacon on kaiser roll with coffee and fresh oj.

then went to my favorite home stores like abc carpets, apt 48 and some great new finds to pretend i'm looking for furniture for my new uws apartment. but the weirdest thing happened... i tripped while walking and stumbled into the triple five soul sample sale! to keep my balance, i had to grab on to a black military-style shirt which happened to be the last one my size but somehow i rolled to the cashier's desk and when I tried to get up i handed the guy my amex totally by accident. i was so dizzy and confused by that whole episode i ran into vosages in soho and picked up 4 truffles...

anyway, now i'm back in the apt and just had some perfectly fried sole from "a salt & battery" with my white bean salad from yesterday. and for dessert I'm having another glass of wine with those truffles...


Eat Local

went to universal news to pick up the newest euro men's fashion and shelter mags that i couldn't get back home unless i made a trip out to book soup. then walked around cuz the weather was so nice. then i walked right into the farmer's market on union square. i remember the last time i was here with bibs and i couldn't remember which park/square it was at... so we walked to 3 of them then i realized that it was on the wrong day-- sunday. so i was very happy and bought myself some persian cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, farmer bread, and havarti cheese-- a la the belinas h&g lunch. then on the way home, added some serrano ham and cannenelli bean salad and a bottle of bordeaux. will post pic.



"Disco Dancer"


New Stairs

this is our stairs. i'm a lil bugged by it because it's wider than the hallway, like it should be in a mansion. maybe the short wall should go up like the architect intended and not do the iron one...

things are moving fast. we love our contractor. they're SO fast! it's only been 4 weeks and framing, walls and roofs are up, as well as plumbing, air conditioning and most of the wiring. i hope i didn't just jinxed it...


Kids Are So Cute

Four-year-old #1: Ice cream makes your head fall off.
Four-year-old #2: No, it doesn't.
Four-year-old #1: It was just an expression, asshole.
Four-year-old #2, to his dog: Don't let him pet you.

--Central Park

Overheard by: amused tourist


New Height

went to the doctor today because i think i'm coming down with something funky. just finished a photo shoot on a farm and they had bunch of chickens and turkeys. so of course i'm freaking out now.

anyway, the nurse asked for my age and height and i told her 5'5.5" or 5'6 and she looked at me and said, "take your shoes off and stand against the wall", and then she measured me! she told me to walk away and turn around and pointed out to me that i'm actually 5'4.5"!!!!! all my adult life i thought i was close to 5'6"... until today...