Industry Party

have to go to this on tues. don't know what to wear. i don't like social situations. can't bring mr. bibs with me. i usually just show up and stay in the corner. or i'll get all dressed up and ready to go and at the last minute decide not to go. isn't there a "-phobe" word for this?


Bugs, Bugs

we just moved in to our temp uws apt. there are bugs! and a few cockroaches! yuck. i don't like creepy crawling buggish things, but i couldn't kill the beetle. it just looks so harmless and sweet. i did kill the cockroaches though. SO gross!



some pictures of our house. it's not completely done yet. still work in progress. mr. bibs has/wants to make a frame for the living room mirror before i post a more pulled-back shot.

we got most of the stuff from either ikea, west elm, wisteria, ebay, ross and marshalls. there are some showroom stuff mixed in too. i'm not sure what style this is, if any. just bought things that we liked that were at good prices. any ideas?

i'll post more when i get back home and take more pictures.


went to a few galleries on 24th chelsea this afternoon. other than the usual faves like francesco clemente at mary boone, the highlights for me was carl andre's early poetry works at andrea rosen gallery. he's very well know for the minimalist sculptural pieces, but these typed poems are amazing. def going back. sean landers text-based painting are great too, although his earlier works are so well done.

just saw listing for marc quinn at mary boon fifth avenue location! his work is always so simple but complicated. i guess that's when it's successful-- just hits u in the gut. also, enrique martinez celaya at sara meltzer. i'm going to check that one out because he was my painting teacher at my university! (def had a crush on him)



studying the weather report:
- which one has more rain, “...occasional rain showers” or “...periods of rain”?
- which one is sunnier, “partly cloudy” or “mostly sunny”?
- what’s the difference between “showers” and “rain”


Letterman Top Ten

"Top Ten Ways Paris Hilton Is Preparing For Jail"
10. Asking Martha Stewart for "shower fight" tips
9. Meeting with Revlon to market signature delousing spray
8. Looking up recipe for making Cosmopolitans in the toilet
7. Attending Tampa Bay Devil Rays games to get used to solitary
6. Seeking permission to videotape her conjugals
5. No number 5 -- writer too upset by verdict to write a joke
4. Seeing what Prada has in orange jumpsuits
3. I dunno -- getting drunk and acting like a tramp?
2. Telling herself, "Heck, 45 days? That's not even a month"
1. Giving guards list of how she likes to be searched

New Color (for me)

i'm going through a lilac phase... don't know why because i've always disliked purple-y colors. but ever since i saw this cover 2 years ago, i've been thinking about it. then last week (2 years later), i realized a really soft, subtle lilacish-grey would look nice and masculine if i use it as accent against dark greys and whites, right? like how a white wall next to a window looks right after the sun sets. that's what i'm thinking for our upstairs master suite. until then, i'm incorporating it into my wardrobe, starting with my mauve marc jacobs shirt.

i'm going through an anti-mid-century-modern phase. if i hear or see that furniture anytime soon i'm going to scream really loud in my head. i think dwr and dwell ruined it for me.


i've been freaking out all day with this finding new agent thing. i totally convinced myself that nobody wants to me and my career is over. and the one i'm working with right now is definitely not going to pick me up. just driving myself crazy. i was even planning a career change. i got an email from her yesterday saying that the response to my work has been "nice". so, to me means "nice, but..." finally i decided not to wait for her to call and i'd call to check in. her assistant told me she was busy (of course) but will call me back in a bit. i waited and waited and nothing. then i got an email from her saying she doesn't have my cell number so if i can email to her or call back. so i called back and everything sounds good. feel so much better (but not as much as getting a contract signed before i head back to l.a.) she still loves my work and although i haven't been able to nail any of the jobs that she sent me in for, she sounds positive so that's a good sign.

...sometime i can be such a teenage girl waiting for her cheer tryout results.


went shopping for my nyc apartment today at the chelsea flea market. saw a really nice vintage 50's but non-mod black club chair and thought that would look nice with a small french-country-y metal garden table. then went to pier one and saw a great petite wicker sofa with high back with cushions i can reupholstered with fabric from les indiennes. omg, i could totally furnish the whole apartment with, like, $1000!

o! also thought of names for our twins. alfonso and izzadore! alfie and izzy!!!!!

very happy at the thought of mr. bibs joining me starting this friday!



tried to design this site a lil. don't know html so can't change as much. been reading some other people's for a while now and their sites all look great. this is going to annoy me.

Cinco de Mayo

finally fell asleep at 6am. woke up at 2pm. i hate this schedule. have to fix it today.

looking through craigslist for apartments in nyc. just playing with numbers really. hopefully i'll make enough $$ to have places at both coasts.

had coffee and turkey/brie sandwich. hate mayo. have to remember that from now. Funny. French cheese on Cinco de Mayo.


I've been keeping a Filemaker diary for over 10 years. Last year or so I accidentally erased the only copy.

I think now is a good time for me to start a new one. Feels like a new beginning/chapter of some sorts. I mean, even my mother has a her own blog.

I'm in NYC this month in search for a new rep and work. It's not going as well/smooth/fast as I thought it'd go. For both the rep and work. I'm a nervous wreck and it's like 5am in the morning and I haven't been able to sleep.

...BTW, I'm calling this "Lazy Smurf" because if i'm working on this, i'm probably procrastinating on something else...